Date: 2004/03
Sponsor Activity: Financial assistance of violin tuition fee
Fund Sponsor: HK$6000

Detail Information

Kin-woon was obedient when he war young. He becomes very rebellious and out of control of his mother when he starts his secondary school life.

In mid-Dec 03, Kin-woon was found stealing things from schoolmates at school. The school reports to the police and Kin-woon was under the supervision of the police (警司警戒). Referred by the police, he joins the rehabilitation program organized by the Methodist Church. Kin-woon feels regret for what he has done and he decides to behave himself for the coming years.

Therefore, kin-woon has been practicing violin in school since he was in F.1. He is gifted in playing violin and this is recognized by the music instructor at school. He dreams to pursuit his personal interest but is frustrated for deprivated in financial support. It possible, he wishes to complete the grade 5 violin examination in October 2004 before the HKCEE next year and extra lessons outside school class to practice violin is required.