Date:  Apr/2012
Sponsor Activity:  Sponsorship of eye treatment
Fund Sponsor:  HK$17472-


Detail Information

Mr. Lau would like to lead an independent living so he withdrew the CSSA supported.  However, his left eye visual condition deteriorated sharply due to diabetic macular edema, he lost the working ability.  He had nearly exhausted all of his savings and only relied on constant financial support from his siblings for daily expenses.


Mr. Lau’s responsible medical office of Hong Kong Eye Hospital Dr. Fok was recommended him a treatment of Lucentis injection for his left eye.  This treatment need to inject three times with each costs approximately less than $9,000.  After Mr. Lau lost the working ability, he was relying on CSSA support.  He had great financial difficulties to afford the self-financed medical payment like this treatment.  Mr. Lau seeks our charity for medical allowance to facilitate his medical treatment.


Our charity was granted to sponsor Mr. Lau to have three times Lucentis injection to his left eye during April 2012 to December 2012.