Date: Nov/2012
Sponsor Activity: Sponsorship of eye treatment
Fund Sponsor: HK$8736

Detail Information

Madam Fok , her visual acuity corrected with glasses was Right eye light perception due to extensive macular scar which was not salvageable and she was suffering from central retinal vein occlusion with macular edema in her left eye.  Her left eye was the only relatively unctional eye, there is persistent left eye macular oedema giving rise to poor vision.


Her responsible doctor of Hong Kong Eye Hospital – Dr. Lee was recommended her to accept an eye treatment of Intravitreal Lucentis (Ranibizumab) for her left eye, and that’s warranted in maintaining Md. Fok current vision.


However, Md. Fok and her husband were relying on CSSA support, and they had tight financial condition can’t afford the eye treatment.  Therefore our charity was sponsored Md. Fok’s for intravitreal injection of Lucentis to her left eye.